Food and Wine

The Phlegraean Fields, thanks to the volcanic nature, are characterized by a rich and fertile soil that favors the cultivation. Many are the typical products of the earth but also of the sea that bathes them:

  • Le local anchovies: semi-finished product that includes salting of anchovies, putting in oil and maceration in earthenware pots
  • Clams and Seafood: especially mussels, clams, cockles, razor clams. The first plants documented for the rearing of clams were those of Sergio Orata and Lucullus, during the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Empire.
  • La Cicerchia or Cicercula, a legume particularly vaguely similar to chickpeas, already appreciated and cultivated in Roman times. It is planted between January and February and harvested at the end of July
  • Fava from Phlegraean Fields or Vuttulana, always of ancient tradition, this legume is perhaps the most cultivated, appreciated and known in the Phlegraean Fields
  • Pea Santa Croce, a variety of very sweet peas, grown in particular in Quarto
  • Tomato Cannellino, whose cultivation has datable origins, according to indirect evidence, at least since the end of the 800, sees its peculiarity in the territorial rooting that consists in the ability to adapt to the pedoclimate of the Phlegraean Fields characterized by sandy volcanic soils
  • The Flegrean Mandarin
  • The Lemon of Procida, a very particular variety of the “oval feminine” cultivar that, recluded to the island habitat, has evolved by taking wealth from the fertile soil, giving remarkable fruits and a very sweet taste, making it particularly appreciated in the preparation of liqueurs and limoncello.
  • Apple Annurca or Mela Orcula is a 100% Phlegraean variety. His representation in the paintings found in the excavations of Herculaneum and in particular in the Casa dei Cervi, bears witness to the ancient link between the Annurca and the Roman world and Campania Felix in particular. Place of origin would be the agro-puteolano, as can be seen from the Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder.
  • The wines are probably one of the most appreciated and exported products of thePhlegraean Fields
  • DOC Campi Flegrei include: white, red, Falanghina, Piedirosso or Per e Palummo rosso, Piedirosso or Per e Palumm red reserve, Piedirosso or Per e Palummo rosato, Piedirosso passito, Falanghina passito, Falanghina sparkling wine